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What I love about documentaries are the interesting stories and ideas. Documentaries pose the musical challenge of how to support the viewers' understanding of the different perspectives presented while honouring each of the interviewees unique contributions. In other words, keeping it real and not being melodramatic.



Extreme emotion is what dramatic film and television is all about. You want the audience to be on the edge of their seats with suspense one moment and choked up with tears the next. I once heard that music makes up 30% of the emotional content of a film!



You've got action games, slash 'em and whack 'em games, adventure games, games requiring incredible thumb skills... Music needs to enhance the game play and sound cool otherwise, what's the point of spending those extra bytes on music?! As games and interactive media become more sophisticated, so must the music.


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Janal Bechthold, Composer

Janal Bechthold

Janal Bechthold was 9 years old when she discovered her love of composition....



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Janal at keyboard.


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Composing original music for film, television, video games, and interactive digital media.



Custom Television Music Libraries
Bell Media - CTV, Discovery, TSN


Trois Boxeuses Canadienne pour les Olympics (Documentary)
Mediatique/CBC-SRC - Dir: Aline Robichaud    watch


A la Recherche d'Etienne Brule (Documentary)
Mediatique/CBC-SRC - Dir: Fadel Saleh


70 Ans... dans la placard? (Documentary)
Mediatique/CBC-SRC - Dir: Robin McKenna    watch


Le Paix Musclee de Carolyn McAskie (Documentary)
Mediatique/CBC-SRC - Dir: Jonny Silver/Joseph Bitamba


Sous le Tout du Monde (Documentary)
Mediatique/CBC-SRC - Dir: Izabelle Barsive


Verite et Reconciliation (Documentary)
Mediatique/TV5 - Dir: Fadel Saleh


Lentement (Documentary)
Mediatique/TV5 - Dir: Sylvene Gilchrist


Canada a Vendre (Documentary)
Mediatique/Canal D - Dir: Geoff Bowie    watch


Rosia Montana (Documentary)
Mediatique/CBC-SRC - Dir: Alexandre Oktan


Adoption (Documentary)
Mediatique/Canal Vie - Dir: Fadel Saleh


The Writing Life (13 Episode documentary series)
Ticklescratch Productions/Bravo! - Dir: Michael Glassbourg


S.M.A.R.T. Tips (Children's Educational Webseries)
Stark Productions Dir: Paul Stark *Gold Remi Award Winner, Houston Worldfest 2013   watch



Art of Obsession (feature film, horror)
Dir: Ryan M. Andrews    watch


Parent Teacher (comedy short)
Dir: Brett Heard


Exgratia (fantasy short)
Dir: Lizz Hodgson


Big Rock Beer Zombies Commercial : a guide to a zombies attack survival
Dir: Zefred    watch


The Initiate
Dir: Zefred    watch


Manfred and The Waiting Room (Dramatic)
Dir: Joel Breitman


Lost in Communication (Dramatic)
Dir: Zefred   watch


Marquee Depths (Dramatic)
Dir: James Burt


Miss Directed (Comedy)
Dir: Jim Hyslop    watch


The Mango Tree, Plan Canada (PSA)
Dir: Wendy Heisler    watch


Mind Games (Dramatic/Action)
Dir: Kiran Singh   watch


The Cut (Animation)
Dir: Susan Justin


The Pencil Sharpener (Dramatic)
Dir: Joel Breitman    watch


Abeer (Docu-drama)
Dir: Elizabeth Lazebnik


Red Like Meat (Experimental)
Dir: Elizabeth Lazebnik


The Guardian (Dramatic)
Dir: Janelle Roberts


On Special (Drama)
Dir: Stephen Philipson


Cumberland Hotel (Comedy)
Dir: Chris Chen

Video Games/Interactive


Rival Books of Aster (Collectable Card Strategy Game)
Stitch Media - Steam/ipad    watch


The Shattered Ground (Educational Interactive Graphic Novel)
TEACH Magazine    watch


Dystopia 2153 (Interactive Graphic Novel/game)
TEACH Magazine    watch


80 Degrees North (Educational Interactive Graphic Novel/game)
TEACH Magazine    watch


Do It For Square (Additional Music)
Ed Wulff-Vanderpuije    watch


Don't Save the World (RPG)
Sakura River - Alfe Clemencio


Infinite Game Works (RPG) Title Music
Sakura River - Alfe Clemencio


The Shadowed Road (Educational Interactive Graphic Novel/game)
TEACH Magazine/ Phantom Compass    watch


Game Jams: TO JAM 5, Global Game Jam
Classical Jam, Snake Jam, Squid Fight, Jabberwoky, Mad Science, Mustache Marauders

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